Full Moon Ritual Kit


Full Moon Ritual 🌕


Balance Nurture Banish


When the moon shines full it is a time to shed ourselves of what no longer serves us. The Full Moon is a time to achieve balance within our souls. A time to utilise the powerful Full Moon energy to banish the negative and what’s holding us back from our souls true purpose and nourish our souls within.


This Full Moon Ritual Kit specifically crafted with ingredients for you to carry out a Full Moon personal balancing ritual. Best carried out on a Full Moon or 2 days/nights either side of a Full Moon.


This Kit contains -


🌕 Full Moon Ritual Instruction Card

🌕 Full Moon Ritual Candle

🌕 Full Moon Ritual Bath Tea Bag

🌕 Palo Santo - Single Stick

🌕 Labradorite Tumble Stone


*A bath is not required, part of the ritual can be carried out with a shower or foot bath*.


A little detail about each of the products within the kit -


🌕 Full Moon Ritual Instruction Card -

A step by step process for you to follow to carry out your Full Moon Ritual. The back of the card contains an area for you to write what your soul needs to release this Full Moon.


🌕 Full Moon Ritual Candle -

Handcrafted & hand poured in small batches, these magical ritual candles are infused with the energy of the Full Moon.

Candles are hand poured with soy wax into a black tin with a comforting natural wood wick, pure essential oils of Geranium, Cedarwood & Patchouli, and infused with Rose Quartz Crystals & Rose Herbs. Rose Quartz is a powerful amplifier of self love, aiding our soul to have the strength to recognise and release what no longer serves us. Each essential oil and herb has been intricately chosen to create and enhance the nurturing & balancing energy when lit.

5oz in size, Approx 40 hours burn time.


🌕 Full Moon Ritual Bath Tea Bag -

A magical nurturing ritual bath bag filled with the most sacred Full Moon herbs. Each herb within this bath bag has been specifically chosen for its energy.

You can use this Bath Tea Bag in the bath or shower or even a foot bath.

The magical energy of each herb is described below -

Rose Buds - Aligned with the heart chakra, Rose is a gift to the heart, its healing energy works to balance and soothe the flow of emotions & align our heart with our souls sacred purpose.

Red Clover - a detoxing herb, Red Clover is a perfect partner in its banishing energy, it lends us an energetic hand in helping to release toxic and negative thoughts we are holding onto that no longer serve us.

Ginger Root - a stimulating energy that fires up our magic and intuition, helping our magic flow freely and readily this Full Moon. Tap into that powerful flow of magic flying through the air on Full a Moon. Use this power to warm up your spirit, ground and balance your soul.

Passionflower - a nervine lends its calming energy to you. Full Moons can heighten emotions and have us feeling on edge, passionflower world to soften this and slow down your spirit, to find that balancing energy within you.

Elderflower - an emotional protector and healer, Elderflower uplifts the spirit, infuses its healing energies to the heart and soul, and allows your spirit to softly open and wash away anything throwing you off balance.

Calendula - the mother of healing, calendula is one of the most nourishing herbs out there. Calendulas energy works to soften our emotions as we dig deep within to find what we need so desperately to release. She is a comforting blanket for us in this process.





Palo Santo -

Palo Santo is an incredibly spiritual wood and has been used for centuries in ritual and ceremony to cleanse space and clear out unwanted negative energy. This deeply spiritual wood is commonly used to purify space, bring clarity and create a tranquil atmosphere. When burned it emits a powerful unique aroma from the resin in the wood. Perfect for cleansing & creating a sacred space for the Full Moon Ritual.


Labradorite Tumble Stone -

You will receive 1 x Small Labradorite Tumble Stone that has been intuitively chosen for you. Labradorite is well known for its balancing and protective energy. A highly spiritual stone, it connects us to the spiritual world, it gives us wings to reach our higher consciousness. Incredibly powerful on a Full Moon as you connect with your higher self to find and achieve balance within your soul. Your crystal will come cleansed, ready for use. Due to its natural state, each crystal will be different & may not look the same as the one advertised.







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