Dream Magic Ritual Kit


Dream Magic Ritual Kit - 🧙🏼‍♀️✨


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Step into the murky waters of the unknown, submerge yourself into your subconscious mind, where the most powerful treasure lays. Learn to find the magic of messages that is accessible within the shadowy world within your own mind. Our dreams is our psyches attempt to communicate much needed messages to our selves. Once we learn to listen and understand these messages we begin to answer our own questions, feel less lost in our own worlds and begin to truely awaken and step into our own power.

This kit contains a number of tools to help you access and tap into your subconscious mind through dreams.


Kit Contains -


1 x Magic of I Ether Dream Journal (Select colour when adding to cart)

1 x Black Sage Smoke Bundle (Approx 10cm long)

1 x Celestite tumble stone

1 x Amethyst tumble stone

1 x Selenite Rough Rod (approx 10cm long)

1 x Relax Luxury Herbal Bath Soak


Magic of I Ether Dream Journal -


“For in Dreams we enter a world that is entirely our own” - Albus Dumbledoor.


Collect your ethereal journeys on the smooth, soft pages of this very special Ether Dream Journal. Between the luxe vegan leather cover is a sacred space to record your dreams from the in-between realms, and decipher their meanings and messages.


The more you write down your dreams, the more you train your mind to retain more memory of the dreams you had. You teach your subconscious mind that you are listening, so the messages will come through stronger and stronger.


Keep it by your bed to help make the personal symbols in your nightly adventures conscious, catching your dreams, and bringing them to the earthly realm so they can be integrated and made useful to your heart.

'A Guide to Dreaming' and inspirational prompts help open the way to empowering yourself by understanding messages from the other side. It is imbued with magic and intention as a collection device for all ethereal communications.


"This is your birthright,

You are born to fly,

And in your dreams,

You will remember,

The soul has wings"

- Robert Moss


Black Sage Smoke Bundle -

The powerful smoke from black sage is used to help awaken the inner deep trenches within your mind. Opening up the portal of communication from your guides and subconscious to your conscious mind. Smoke cleanse your bedroom before sleep or meditation area before lucid dreaming/astral travelling, black sage aids in your spiritual protection, as well as promoting intuition to receive the messages your soul needs to hear.


Celestite Tumble Stone -

Celestite, the angel stone, this beautiful light blue stone connects us to the angelic and spiritual world. It links us to our guardian angels and spirits so we are never weathering a storm alone. Place under your pillow or hold when astral travelling to help connect with your guardian spirits to help receive guidance from them.

Note - Celestite is a fragile stone, and not often tumbled, tumbles are not smoothe like usual tumbles, they hold natural fractures and imperfections.


Amethyst Tumble Stone -

Amethyst is a magical stone for inciting dreaming and helping with insomnia. Amethyst stimulates and activates the opening of the third eye and helps connect you to the spiritual realms. Place under your pillow or hold when astral travelling to open up spiritual channels and connect with the spiritual realm. It is also a protective stone and can help ward off nightmares and negative thoughts. Inciting a sense of calm this stone is a must have for a peaceful night sleep.


Selenite Rough Rod -


Selenite is powerfully cleansing, and can rid your space of negative energies and promote balance and calm. Selenite is strongly associated with the moon + an excellent stone for mental clarity, perfect for spiritual work and connecting with the spiritual realm. Place Selenite on your bedside table for promoting balance and calm when sleeping for ease to tap into your subconscious.


Relax Luxury Herbal Bath Soak-

Connecting with the spiritual realm when dreaming requires a peaceful tranquillity of the mind. Achieving that through winding down in a warm bath full of lavender buds and the aroma of tranquility filling your soul is a wonderful way to relax into a state of being thats cleared the chatter of the mind and prepared it for receiving messages with the spirit world.

Great to use this bath before bed or lucid dreaming.







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