Gratitude - Transforming your Mindset Ritual Kit


Gratitude - Transforming your Mindset Ritual Kit -


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Introducing gratitude into your life, is like welcoming the warmth of magic into your heart, where she holds space in your mind, transforming that of negative thoughts into positive loving thoughts. It’s learning to find the silver linings in life, transforming your mind to find calm in the chaos. Gratitude is a special type of magic, one that is purely generated from within your very soul, where every single person has the ability to tap into this power with daily practice. We welcome in fear far too often and let it take control and make decisions for us, instead we can work to change our mindset to focus instead on gratitude, to push fear to the side, and let gratitude take control of our mindset helping us see the magic in each and every day 🖤.


Kit contains tools to practice and welcome in a gratitude mindset -


1 x Magic of I vegan leather lined Journal for daily gratitude journaling

1 x Sweetgrass Braid (Approx 10cm long)

1 x Large Raw Rose Quartz Crystal (120-200g)

1 x Medium Clear Quartz Natural Point Crystal (30-85g)

1 x Apatite Tumble Stone

1 x Restore Bath Soak


Magic of I Vegan Leather Lined Journal -

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The most MAGICAL journal to practice gratitude. Let your fingertips touch the cosmos, the delicate intricacy of design is breathtaking, a journal you will want to use every single day which makes it the perfect journal for daily gratitude practice. The journal is bound in beautiful vegan leather.

Use daily to write down 3 things you are grateful for that day. When you do this everyday you begin to transform your mindset from one of fear into one of gratitude, it’s training your mind to focus on the positive rather than the negative.


Sweetgrass braid -

The burning of Sweetgrass braids has been used for centuries for harmonising the mind, body and spirit. The sweet smoke transforms negative energy into positive, it helps elicit emotional inner strength. Burn when you are feeling out of emotional balance and let the sweet smoke and ancient energy harmonise your self and home.


Rose Quartz -

A powerful crystal of unconditional love, it works to purify and open the heart chakra, promoting balance and self love. Keep in your space where you can work with this energy such as in your bathroom, on your alter, on your bedside table. Hold for a minute and breathe deeply focusing on the magic in the mundane moments of that day before writing down your daily gratitudes.


Clear Quartz -

A high vibrational crystal, works to align and balance all chakras, promoting balance and good vibes. Keep within your home/workplace where you need these balancing vibes throughout your day. A wonderful stone for meditation and general well-being. A must in your transformation mindset arsenal.


Apatite Tumble Stone -

A dual action stone, incredibly spiritual energy this stone holds both powerful manifestation energies as well as inner strength and guidance to step into your power to achieve your goals. Helping to clear your aura this stone helps to cleanse your mind and promote clarity and focus, the perfect weapon to help transform your mindset into one of strength, positivity and focusing on your goals rather than letting clutter of negativity and fear take over. As a tumble stone it is easy to carry with you in a pocket or bag to hold this energy with you throughout the day.


Restore Luxury Herbal Bath Soak -

A herbal bath creates an energy within the mind like no other, there’s just something so magical about the soft floating of roses touching your skin, with the fresh floral aroma steaming up to your senses.

Use this bath soak to create sometime just for yourself, some time to meditate, to relax, to write in your gratitude journal. Take some time to simply breathe and remember who your soul is.




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