Litha Summer Solstice Ritual Kit 🌞✨


Litha Summer Solstice Ritual Kit ~ 🌞✨

*Valued at $130, yours for only $99* ~ Limited Edition only whilst Stocks last!

Litha ~ The Summer Solstice
🌞 Falls on the Dec 21 in the Southern Hemisphere this year. With its Fire Energy 🔥 Litha the mid point, the centre, where we release the past to the flames, and walk through them to the future.


“This is the solstice, the still point of the sun, its cusp and midnight, the year’s threshold and unlocking, where the past lets go of and becomes the future; the place of caught breath.”

– Margaret Atwood


Litha Kit Contains ~

Pass Around The Smile Guided Affirmation Cards Deck

Sunstone Pyramid 25mm

Copal and Sage Herbal Cleansing Bundle

Ruby Zoisite Tumble

4 x Dried Calendula Flowers for your Litha Altar


This Ritual pack can be used in any way that resonates with you, a suggested Ritual is below, my Litha Blessings to you magical souls 🔥✨ ~


As we welcome the longest day of Sunlight, we bask in its energy shining bright and long.

Set up your Litha Altar or any bench space that resonates for you where you can be still and work your magic


Place your Calendula Flowers (Representing Summer & Beginnings) and the each of the North, West, South and East of your Altar or work space to welcome in all four elements. Then place your Sunstone pyramid (Sunstone is a powerful crystal that lights up our Spirit with creative force, vitality and inspiration. It promotes inner power and strength, and fuels us with confidence to walk forwards with purpose) to your right for guidance.

Place your Ruby in Zoisite Tumble on your left, closest to your heart (Rube in Zoisite lends us the powerful energy of inner growth, happiness, gratefulness, abundance & vitality. It opens our heart chakra and helps one to be receptive to divine love & energy. Zoisite works to lighten low vibrational energy of hurt, grief, anger & loss. it is a powerful stone for deep energy healing by energising the body's healing centre.).


Place your Guided Affirmation Deck in the center in front of you.


Ignite your Copal and Sage Bundle (following the guided safety instructions) and cleanse the space around you, including your whole house if you feel inclined. Whilst carrying out this cleansing ask the energy of the smoke to release any stagnant energy of the past and replace this with purifying and loving energy associated with the ancient copal.


Shuffle the Guided Affirmation Cards and Pull two cards and place them in front of you, this is the energy to be focused on as you walk forwards from this Solstice.


Journal your experience with this Ritual, recording the cards you pulled and any other energy/emotions or thoughts that came up.


Thank the energy around you for its guidance.


Blessed Litha,





More about the MAGICAL Guided Affirmation Card Deck by Pass Around The Smile 🌞✨

What’s Included ~

☾ Pass Around the Smile’s Guided Affirmation Card Box

☾ 42 Hand drawn cards with illustrations and messages

☾ Guide booklet with in depth meanings, journal prompts, exercises and instructions.

Written by Cleo Massey, illustrated by Katie Regan. 

So much love and good energy went into creating these cards and my wish is that they bring you the positivity and guidance that you deserve. These beautifully hand drawn cards have specific affirmations which can help answer your questions and gently guide you toward living a life true to you. The perfect set of cards to help you let go of the negative and bring in the positive. It is time to manifest your dream life! Let the magic begin…

This deck can be used on its own, or in conjunction with my first deck of Positive Guidance Cards for deeper readings.


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