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The ULTIMATE package for your self care Ritual! Overhaul your mind, body & soul and indulge in luxury bliss. Prevent burn out and work on healing your spirit and wellbeing.


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Self care is crucial to our wellbeing, it sustains and improves our mental health, helps us better combat stress and overwork. Self care isn’t just luxuries, but a means of survival. It allows us to learn to actually live not just exist. To experience life to the absolute fullest in our best possible mindset. It restores our mind, body and soul and prevents burn out which so many of us suffer today.


Pack Contains - 


1 x I am Enough Wellness & Gratitude Journal

1 x Glass Tea Bottle Medium 400mL

1 x Relax Me Tea Glass Tube 

1 x Calm Me Tea Glass Tube

1 x Rebalance Me Tea Glass Tea

1 x Deep Ritual Cleanser 30mL

1 x Ancient Buffing Grains 10g

1 x Mother Nature’s Restoring Facial Serum 10mL

1 x Detox Face Mask 10g

1 x Restore Luxury Herbal Bath Soak 

1 x Relax Luxury Herbal Bath Soak 


Spoil your loved one or yourself with a gift that keeps on giving ❤️


This pack focus solely on wellbeing & self love. And most importantly it is ethical & sustainable to our environment being eco-friendly, natural & organic, tox free, vegan & cruelty free.


Self care through eco luxe herbal skincare allows us to take a moment for just ourselves that’s enriched with a powerful grounding aroma to connect you to your roots of nature. It provides an opportunity to practice mindfulness in the grinding aromas as well as showing our skin it’s well deserved love!


Organic Herbal Tea full of relaxing and restoring herbs to calm the mind of worry and relieve stresses. It allows us to sit back in nature and tune in with our surroundings and enjoy the simple bliss of just being present in the moment.


I Am Enough Wellness & Gratitude Journal to change your perspective, thoughts & life! By practising gratitude using this journal you learn to love yourself & appreciate the things you do have, it improves wellbeing by making you feel good, healthier and happier. Over time you can feel that anything is possible. This is not only a journal but also a wellness guide. Filled with tips on happiness and self-care, inspirational words, personal challenges, prompts for living a kinder life, mindfulness exercises and more. Improve your levels of happiness and learn to live a content and meaningful life. Life is wonderful in its simplicity.

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