Mini Witching Kit


Mini Witching Kit ~

Walk with me Witch, into the unknown, let us collect our magic and manifest our ultimate dreams into reality. ✨🌜

This Mini Witching Kit is suitable for all levels of Witches, those new to the craft, the intermediate and the well a-tuned witch. This kit has been developed to further delve into the depths of magic and hone your skills of the craft. Use as you will, Wise One 🧙🏼‍♀️

*Limited Edition - Limited Quantities Available*

*Valued at $90, Available Now for $79.95*

Kit includes ~

🌿 Juniper Herbal Smoke Bundle

🔮 Third Eye Amethyst Cluster Crystal

Magic of I Ether Dream Journal


Juniper ~
Associated with Jupiter ~ the planet of fortune, success and opportunities.

Juniper a powerful ally in Astral Travel, it works to severe any negative energetic ties that may try attach to us whilst we venture into the Spiritual World. It refreshes magical energy and is potent burnt prior to and after magical workings.

Juniper is also powerfully associated with Manifestation when requesting from the Spiritual realm. Work with Juniper when you need Spiritual protection + magical work to be elevated into action.

Size ~ 10cm bundle.


Amethyst Cluster ~

The Third Eye Crystal ✨🔮, the powerfully in tune stone of intuition!

These stunning clusters are energies boosters for intuition + manifestation, everything we can imagine is real

Open the portal to your highest self and manifest your goals into reality. A stunning raw cluster (each unique and individual ~ a peice will be intuitively chosen for you, & may not look like the one pictured) for use in meditation, or placed for angelic balancing energy within your home/altar.

Crystal will be between ~  65g - 90g.


Magic of I Ether Dream Journal ~ Choose Black or Teal at checkout

“For in Dreams we enter a world that is entirely our own” - Albus Dumbledoor.


These magical Magic of I full sized Ether Dream Journals are perfect for late night or early morning writing with more pages and a lot more space. Now comes in Black and Silver Holo. Select your colour when adding to cart!

Collect your ethereal journeys on the smooth, soft pages of this very special Ether Dream Journal. Between the luxe vegan leather cover is a sacred space to record your dreams from the in-between realms, and decipher their meanings and messages.

Keep it by your bed to help make the personal symbols in your nightly adventures conscious, catching your dreams, and bringing them to the earthly realm so they can be integrated and made useful to your heart.

'A Guide to Dreaming' and inspirational prompts help open the way to empowering yourself by understanding messages from the other side. It is imbued with magic and intention as a collection device for all ethereal communications.


"This is your birthright,

You are born to fly,

And in your dreams,

You will remember,

The soul has wings"

- Robert Moss




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