The Witches Chest


The Witches Chest ~


The Ultimate Witches Tool Kit, for Spell Crafting, Ritual, Divination, Spiritual Protection, Intuition Invoking + building, & Weaving Magic. This Kit contains all you need to develop and/or enhance your magic ✨🕸


LIMITED EDITION, Only whilst Stocks last, Valued at +$160, yours for only $129.99


Chest Kit Contains ~


Rhodonite Crystal Elder Futhark Rune Set

Rune Symbol Meaning/Translation Card

Handcrafted & Hand-weaved Rune Bag

Spell-Caster Ritual Candle - Mini

Set of 9 Juniper handcrafted Rope Incense

✨ Rope Incense Burner/Holder

Large Coppernite Tumble Stone

Black Agate Tumble Stone

Rutilated Quartz Tumble Stone

Black Draw Box



🕸 Weave the webs of time, unravel your destiny and unveil your path through the Rhodonite Crystal Elder Futhark Rune Set

~ A set of 25 (inclusive of 1 blank stone ~ may be used with or without this optional stone) of Rhodonite handcrafted Rune Stones, handcrafted in Peru.

Comes with a Rune Symbol Meaning/Translation Card for those learning Runes.

Packaged in a ethereal Hand-crafted & Hand-weaved Rune Bag to keep your Rune Stones safe when not in use.


Spell-Crafter Ritual Mini Candle 🕸⚔️

A candle ignited for Spell Weaving + Crafting. Your warrior in the darkness, your spiritual armour in the shadows.

Ignite + harness the power of herbal allies + protective black tourmaline that are ready to hold space for you , whilst you work your magic & weave your dreams into being.

Handcrafted with pure soy wax, wooden wick, high quality essential oils of Cedarwood + Juniper Berry, Organic Sage Leaves, & infused with the magic of the highly Spiritual Protective Black Tourmaline crystals.

Juniper Berry has been widely used in all types of Spiritual work, from astral travel to meditation, to spell work, it is said to act as a guardian spirit as you travel to the other realms. Cedarwood, used in occult for decades to hold space, ground, and remove hexes. Black Tourmaline has been used for centuries to protect against negative spirits & used widely today as a general protection stone. It is said to deflect & transform negative energy, people & spirits! Can be used to energetically cleanse your space + aura.

Ensure to follow all safety guidelines on card provided with candle.


Approx 25 hours burn time

🖤🖤 Black tin with lid, Size 90g/3.1oz



🌿 Set of 9 Juniper Rope Incense Sticks, handmade with natural ingredients of Nepalese Lokta Paper (Danphe Peper), handmade from the Lokta Tree Bark, natural pigments, Juniper essential oil & powered herbs.

Hand made and rolled in Nepal by Nepalese women.


⚔️ Large Coppernite Tumble Stone ~

Powerfully in tune with the Root chakra, this stone is known to provide grounding and strengthening energy. Perfect to use after spell and ritual work to ground any residual energy. Mentally strengthening it is helpful for ancestry magic and past life magic. Useful for balancing and releasing negative energy.


⚔️ Black Agate Tumble Stone ~

A highly spiritual protective stone that promotes strength and courage. A perfect ally to shadow work, astral travel and spiritual work. Helps dispel fear and promote self confidence.


Rutilated Quartz Tumble Stone ~

Incredibly spiritual stone that connects you to your higher self, great for use in divination & meditation.


Kit comes packaged in a Black Draw Box.

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A Must Have

I absolutely adore my witches chest. I can't wait till I learn how to use runes