The Witches Hour Pack

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The Witches Hour Pack 🖤🧙🏼‍♀️


Fall into the depths of magic, become windswept and enchanted by your own abilities and mind 🌙.


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The Witches Hour Pack contains a selected few of powerful tools to use in your craft, to hone your divination skills and learn to listen to your inner warrior + the messages they speak to you.


The Witches Hour Pack contains -


🖤 The Wandering Moon Tarot Deck

🖤 Calling of The Crow Spell Candle

🖤 Obsidian tumble stone

🖤 Shungite tumble stone

🖤 Rosemary Herbal Cleansing Smoke Bundle


The Wandering Moon Tarot Deck -


Hand drawn design with incredible magic, by the Witch Goddess Rachael Jean. The intricate detail of each card laced with symbolism + magic makes this deck a one of a kind. Let the cards speak to you + see what magic they bring to your world!


Deck Specs

- 81 cards in two piece box

- card size 7mm x 12mm (standard tarot)

- printed on 350gsm art stock with matte lamination

- both parts of box (inside and out), back of card, and cover of booklet has silver laser foiling detail

- embossing on front of box

- box has rose petals finish with thumb notches for easy opening

- cards have silver laser edging

- black matte foiling for card names

- 192 page guidebook by Rachael Jean & Marion Kirk

- 3 unique major arcana cards

- come ps with an altar card

- hand packed in Australia with love and intention ♡


Calling of The Crow Spell Candle -


Fly with me,

Beyond the veil,

To realms of magic,

You could only dream of,

Upon my wings,

We take flight,

Protected & safe,

Open that third eye,

Plunge into darkness,

To find your light,

I, keeper of mysteries,

Will help you find your key,

Unlock your magic Dear One,

You’re ready to walk the path,

Of your souls true calling.


The Crow, Keeper of Mysteries, has always been a symbol of the great unknown, a guide to the gods, the messenger from the other side, the other realms beyond the veil. Famous Carl Jung associated the crow/raven with our shadow side, the dark side of our psyche, the unconscious it’s depth, darkness and power. It is from our shadowy depths where we truely find our power. To understand our darkness, side by side with our light, it is the acceptance of balance which of course is vital to true magic. We must fully let our shadow, our crow be fully inter grated to allow ourselves to be in touch with our inner most power.


The Crow, is incredibly sharp, wide and smart. Their ability to learn, adapt and communicate is exceptional.


Let the magic of crow guide you in your darkness, to help discover your magic.


This candle is handcrafted with magic and intention. A potent and powerful blend of Vetiver, Juniper Berry, Lavender, Mugwort, Blessed Thistle + Howlite to invoke the power of Crow into your space.


Blended in soy wax, wooden wick + vegetable based Black dye.


5oz in size, Approx 40 hours burn time.


Obsidian Tumble Stone -

Obsidian is a personal talisman that helps guide us in the murky darkness of our shadow realm. It is no ordinary stone, formed by volcanic lava it hardened so quickly it formed like nothing else. A blacked mirror it has no limitations to what it can see or find. A must have for any witch willing to go further into magic and delve into their inner most worlds to truely face their shadow, unite it with their light and be rebirthed in unity and strength as they walk forwards on this path.

1 x Obsidian Tumble Stone will be intuitively chosen for you.


Shungite Tumble Stone -

Shungite one of the oldest stones on Earth, holding powerful transformation energy, that can unanimously heal and protect at once. Known as the Stone of Life, Shungite is well known to protect against EMFs + provide exceptional grounding energy to those who carry the stone. It clears, balances & aligns chakras, opening up the portal to our metaphysical worlds + assisting us on our spiritual journey.

1 x Shungite Tumble Stone will be intuitively chosen for you.


Rosemary Herbal Cleansing Smoke Bundle   -

Highly protective + grounding, Rosemary lends her magic to us through the smoke that provides energetic clarity to ones space when burnt. Can be used to cleanse your tarot cards + crystals.

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