Hi, I’m Candice the founder and creator behind Herbal Hiraeth. I am a qualified Herbalist and Skincare Formulator, located in the beautiful south west of Western Australia.

I have always felt connected to nature, I could feel worries and stress slip away when I stood bare foot on the earth watching the trees blow in the wind and feel the gentle leaves in my fingers. I was always fascinated with using herbs and plants for healing and remedies, quite often I felt like I was born in the wrong time, I feel very connected to the old healing ways when our ancestors found their remedies to colds, flus and skin issues and collected their food all from their backyard, along streams and in the wild. This is where Hiraeth comes from, pronounced as HEAR-eth. A welsh word describing the nostalgia and yearning for lost places or memories of the past. Herbal Hiraeth represents the souls longing to the herbal connection it once knew, the ancient wisdom of healing from herbs and the earth, hidden within our history and souls.


My journey with herbalism and herbal skincare started many years ago when my beautiful dog Lilo developed severe skin allergies and I myself developed a range of skin issues. Of course my main focus was on Lilo first so after trialling everything under the sun, spending thousands on vet bills and not finding anything that worked without harmful side effects I turned towards Herbalism, I formally began studying & still continaly study to further my knowledge. I developed a wholesome herbal approach to Lilo’s skin, after commencing this within two weeks she had significant improvements and a month later she no longer had skin issues and continuing this approach she lives an extremely happy playful and skin issue free life! I then went on to studying natural skincare formulation formally and developed herbal skincare remedies for my own & my families skin which had incredible results especially with my own and friends acne!. I had friends of friends asking me to make them products for acne, skin pigmentation, flaky dry skin, oily skin and the products I developed had such wonderful reviews I then decided to begin selling them to the public! I also felt more intuned with nature and grounded using natural products made from nature that were also eco-friendly. I launched Herbal Hiraeth in 2018 to bring the herbal connection to everyday lives.