Finding your Path Kit

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Finding Your Path Kits -


For the lost Souls

For the emotionally wounded Souls

For those Souls unable to find stability in chaotic times

For those ready to let go & move forward


Kits Contain ✨ ~

🌜Inner Warrior Rope Incense Pk of 20 + holder

🌜 Balance Chakras  Incense Pk of 20 + holder

🌜 Snowflake Obsidian Polished Piece*

🌜 White Howlite Palm Stone*

🌜 Green Aventurine Palm Stone*


Snowflake Obsidian-


A stone for the lost.

Let it guide you to your path.

Snowflake obsidian holds our hand in the darkness, and helps us on our path to nurture us back to balance for the mind, body & spirit. An equilibrium in times of chaos, upheaval & change that we are resisting or not not ready for. Within this, it centres & grounds & releases energy blocks so that we may walk towards the path that is meant for us.

It also allows us to release wrong thinking, stress and worries. And is also a stone of protection from negative energies.

A must have guide for the lost wishing to find their true path.


Green Aventurine -

Has your back.

Your set of eyes within your mind when you can’t see clearly. Green Aventurine helps clear the mind of fog, it works to open up blocks and see alternatives & potentials in any situation. Aligned with the heart chakra, it helps to heal the heart energy, manifest opportunity, prosperity, encourage a positive outlook, courage & inner calm.


White Howlite -

 Release the past.

Walk forwards unbinded.

Often we can’t find where our path is because we have emotionally chained ourselves to the past, so we cannot progress forward.

Emotions often cloud us so we cannot see the big picture anymore, as the saying goes “you cannot see the forest from the trees”.

White Howlite sends a strong and urgent reminder that everything in life has its place, the past should remain there, in the past. It helps to release energy attachments linking us to old emotional turmoil from this life or past lives.

A stone of peace, it soothes the chatter and regulates our thoughts, bringing in a calm energy to our aura & energy field.


Inner Warrior Rope Incense-

Pack of 20 + holder

Juniper, our spiritual energetic ally for Inner Strength + Courage. Light the beautiful handmade natural rope incense & welcome in Junipers energy support, let it fuel your Inner Warrior as you walk this journey of finding your true path & purpose.



Balance Chakras Rope Incense  -

Pack of 20 + holder


Sandalwood holds intense grounding energy, and offers support to balance our chakras when we begin to feel out of whack. A journey back to yourself can be emotionally challenging, use Sandalwood to help create grounding moments to just be, to rest & recharge your energy centres.

* Crystals are intuitively picked, your chosen crystal may vary in shape and colour from photo as your crystal is from nature and therefore unique and one of a kind.  



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